Philippine Standard Time




Definitely the past school year 2021-2022 brought challenges to our scholars, our parents, and even the teachers, class advisers and the school management.   Through the concerted efforts of the CID and SSD Offices, we have approved and implemented our Students’ Intervention protocol to further systematize our way of assisting our students who have differing circumstances in their compliance to the PSHS Curriculum for Remote and Blended Learning.

It is a joy and our pride to know that even with acknowledged difficulties under CRBL, out of 625 enrollees last SY, we have 300+ scholars who still performed excellently, making it to the Director’s List by the end of the school year.

Undoubtedly, there are several factors and people that contributed to our scholars’ success.  Firstly, we recognize our scholars’ innate potentials and intelligence that play a major factor, but I’m sure this  was never enough, if not coupled with hard work, perseverance, resilience and diligence.  The trying time has been a true test not just of intellect but, more importantly of character of our scholars.  Our Pisay scholars have proven their worth, that even in the purging of difficult circumstances, they continued to shine.

 The role of the home or family is definitely a key factor too. So this message also recognizes the parents, guardians and the whole family that have fully supported the children, our scholars.  We have strengthened our collaboration with the home through constant, and even sometimes needing persistent prodding and reminders from school to reach the parents and guardians, even thru home visitations.   Our hats off to our dear parents for being there for  their children, believing on them, inspiring them and loving them even in their unlovable moments. 

May I also acknowledge the major academic players in school- our teachers under the able leadership of our CID Chief, Dr. Rolando Libutaque and all the other CID Heads and AUH.   The remote mode of instruction may have inspired to unleash the techy side, creativity and resourcefulness of many of them, but to many if not all, the big change on how we do things also posed a lot of challenges.  May I extend my big thanks to our teachers, especially to the class advisers who untiringly made efforts to reach out to the students and parents throughout the school year.  May I  also especially mention our MIS , headed by Ms. Rubie Anne Bitoon and our LMS coordinators, headed by Mr. Eisen Briones for assisting our teachers in using our KHub as we implemented the CRBL.

Significantly , our student services division, headed by the very efficient, Mrs. Anecita Altis, with especially the Guidance and Health Services Units that have been very much helpful in assisting our scholars succeed.    The need to quickly act on necessary changes in the mode of services for enrollment, admission, clearance and the like, are truly appreciated. In line with health services, our Incident Command System has always been alert in assisting the school to ensure that our safety protocols are in place, implemented and updated accordingly; thus providing added confidence to our faculty and staff, and even later our Grade 12 students to safely report to school and perform respective tasks.

Big help as well came from the Finance and Admin Division, headed by our dedicated FAD Chief, Mrs. Arthess Castor.  This team had to be onsite whatever the alert level has been throughout the school year.  Call for skeletal workforce means having FAD people in the frontline.  They had to ensure that stipends of scholars, and salaries of employees are granted – and undeniably- admin and financial support also are part of the motivation for our scholars, teachers and staff to keep giving their best.

And to our indefatigable members of the Management Committee , I give my salute.  In addition to the Division Chiefs I already acknowledged, all others have been very generous of their time, insights and initiatives in collectively coming up with policies, guidelines and actions to scholarship related concerns:  Dr. Carlito Cerbo, Dr. Myrna Libutaque, Dr. Angelo Olvido, Mrs. Virginia Barlas and Ms. Cristia Magsipoc.

Indeed, our scholars’ success is a collective effort of all who have selflessly given their full support to our beloved students. But on top of all these, we acknowledge, honor and praise, the Source of all our blessings, our Great Father in Heave, whose favor and grace continue to abound.

As school year 2022-2023 starts, we look forward to a safe and successful conduct of in- person classes, with our BOT- approved guidelines and safety measures in place, and with continued support and cooperation from the entire PSHSWVC Community, and all its stakeholders.

By God’s grace, we can and we will!



Campus Director