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To offer, on a free scholarship basis, a secondary course with special emphasis on subjects pertaining to the sciences with the end in view of preparing its students for a science career (Sec. 2, RA 366'l).
VISION: We are the leading science high school in the Asia pacific Region preparing ourscholars to become globally competitive Filipino scientists equipped with- 21st century skills and imbued with the core values of lntegrity, Excellence and Serviceto Nation.

MISSION: Advancing premier high school STEM education for the people.
The main purpose of the PSHS education is the integral development of its scholars.
Each PSHS scholar has unique giftedness and potentials which should be recognized and nurtured so that each one develops them to the fullest extent possible.
The PSHS special science curriculum engenders in our scholars a passion for learning and inspires them to choose careers in science and technology and so contribute to national development.
The PSHS is most effective in an environment characterized by all-around performance excellence, a dynamic and collaborative leadership, outstanding facilities, resources and support alliances, and an unswerving commitment of serviceto the nation and to one another.