The new campus was called Eastern Visayas Campus while the one in Iloilo City was assigned

as the Western Visayas Campus. And in 2006, another PSHS campus was established in Argao,

Cebu, to be known as the Central Visayas campus. In the succeeding years after that, PSHS

Western Visayas campus no longer accommodated scholars from Cebu, Bohol and Negros

Oriental. On the other hand, the school started accepting scholars from Palawan.

A new director, Mrs. Helen Caintic, a Math teacher from PSHS Main Campus, was

appointed as Officer-in-Charge (OIC), Office of the Director, of the school from June 1997 to

December 1997. It was on the same year that school was formally inaugurated by Pres. Fidel V.

Ramos on 13 June 1997. By January 1998, Prof. Rebecca V. Yandog was chosen as the campus

director until her retirement in 2005. In 2001, another milestone marked the history of PSHS as

the PSHS System Law was further amended by R.A 9036 consolidating the power and authority

over all PSHS System campuses into a single Board of Trustees to ensure uniform policy,

coordination, standards and management. As the PSHS campuses grew in number, the need to

maintain uniformity in the school’s policies and quality education became a top priority among

the top ranks of the PSHS System leadership. In 2003, Dr. Ramon Miranda, executive director

of the PSHS System called for the review of the PSHS curriculum and consequently, changes

were made to adapt to the changing needs of the time and the scholars. Achievement tests in

core subject areas were given to the scholars under the revised PSHS curriculum to ensure

uniformity in content area and skills taught to the scholars by the teachers of the different PSHS

campuses. The PSHS Code of Conduct was also studied and revised in the succeeding years

under the leadership of Dr. Filma Brawner and later, Dr. Josette T. Biyo as executive directors.

Before becoming executive director or the PSHS System, Dr. Biyo was chosen as the

Officer-in-Charge (OIC), Office of the Director in 2005 succeeding Prof. Yandog. A year after,

she occupied the position of the campus director until 2011. During her term, the school

witnessed massive infrastructure projects such as the completion of the covered gymnasium,

Academic Building Extension and the Science Learning Resource Center (SLRC). By establishing

linkages with other private institutions, the school received generous support such as the Pfizer

Research Grants awarded annually to student-researchers and educational facilities and

equipment from the Knowledge Channel. In October 2011, she was chosen as the executive

director of the PSHS System and Dr. Edgar F. Almero was assigned as the Officer-in-Charge

(OIC), Office of the Director until March 2012. By April 2012, Dr. Shena Faith M. Ganela

assumed the position of the campus director up to the present.


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History of Philippine Science High School by Mr. Rey C. Lulu, Admin. Officer

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