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Search for SEAMEO Young Scientist (SSYS), 8th Regional Congress

Grand Award: Most Promising Young Scientists for Science

Explanatory Study on coral Asssemblage Establishment and Artificial Reaf Enhancement Through Coral Transplantation

  • Julian Paolo T. biyo, IV - Graviton
  • Paul Caesar M. Flores, IV - Graviton                             Adviser:
  • Hazel Anne J. Hernandez, IV - Graviton                        Mr. Edward C. Albaracin         

Major Award: Outstanding Award for Significant Project

Integrated Multitrophic Aquaculture Potentials on Gracilaria baiinae (Red Seaweed), Crossostrea iredalei (Oyster), Epinephelus fuscoguttatus (Tiger Grouper)

  • Raymee T. Tabobo, IV - Graviton                                 Adviser:
  • Zyra Grace C. Zaragosa, IV - Graviton                        Ms. Mialo C. Lacaden

Major Award: Outstanding Award for Presentation of Exhibit

Water Quality Assesment of the River Discharge into Banate Bay

  • Ela Marie Sofia J. Celiz, IV - Graviton
  • Margarette S. Cervantes, IV - Graviton
  • Dustin Dwight M. Doctolero, IV - Tau
  • Eros Paul V. Estante, IV - Graviton
  • Joebert Edison B. Velasco, IV - Graviton
  • Kay Mark L. Lamasan, IV - Graviton
  • Karli Anne O. Lao, IV - Tau
  • Melvin T. Purzuelo, IV - Graviton                                 Adviser:
  • Li Arolf R. Rey, IV - Graviton                                       Mr. Aris C. Larroder

Consolation Prize: Growth of Rhizophora spp before and after the Opening of the Iloilo Flood Control Project, Balabago, Iloilo City, Philippines

  • Karlo Jose J. Calderon, IV - Photon

32nd National Quiz Bee - Science & Technology Category

  • 1st Runner-Up: Ma. Phoebe T. Subo, IV - Photon

                            Coach: Mr. Angelo P. Olvido


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