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Guidelines in the Conduct of Co-Curricular and Extra-Curricular Activities:



a.Co-curricular activities are off-shoots of academic programs sponsored and/ or participated in by the academic units.

b.Extra-curricular activities are sponsored by clubs and other interest groups.


a.Co-curricular activities aim to support instruction and academic activities.

b.Extra-curricular activities aim to develop students’ leadership, talent and other special skills.

3.Approval and Coordination

a.The Student Services Division (SSD) coordinates both the curricular and extra-curricular activities.

b.The Curriculum and Instruction Services Division (CISD)evaluates and recommends the approval of all co-curricular activities.

c.The Student Services Division (SSD) evaluates and recommends the approval of all extra-curricular activities.

d.The Director approves all co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

4.Areas of Responsibility and Implementing Guidelines

a.Co-curricular and Extra-curricular activities should be in consonance with school objectives, policies and student welfare.

b.The proposed activity shall not, as much as possible, affect formal classes.

c.The advisers/ sponsors must supervise the activities from the planning stage to the implementation of the same.

d.Clubs/ organizations should submit their proposed calendar of activities not later than July 15, 2011.

e.Application for an activity permit must be filed strictly one week before the activity.

f.Facilities/ venue will be made available through the Office of the Finance and Administrative Division (FAD), and equipment like LCD projector through the CISD Office for Co-curricular activities, and through SSD Office for extra-curricular activities, only when the activity is approved.

g.The Student Alliance shall assist in the Implementation of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

h.The Security Guards shall be responsible for the security in the campus during the activity.

i.The homeroom, club/ interest group, batch advisers should see to it that cleanliness, orderliness and proper behaviour are observed during the activities.

j.Activities shall be undertaken at the least possible cost.

1)No membership fee shall be collected.

2)Any monetary collection should be reasonable for the proposed project/ activity.

3)Proper financial accounting/ report should be submitted to the Office of SSD at the end of the school year.

Guidelines and Policies on Student Organizations/Clubs/ Interest Groups

General Guidelines:

1.While the emphasis of PSHS is on academic excellence, the school realizes that he scholar’s overall development must be its ultimate concern.Thus it encourages the scholar to engage in as many and as varied as co-curricular and extra-curricular activities as time, interests and abilities would allow him. (It is encouraged that a scholar can take hold of major positions in at most 2 organizations only, but he/she can be a member of at most 5 organizations.). However, the scholar must bear in mind that academics must always take priority over extra-curricular activities.

2.Membership in student organizations (clubs/ interest groups) is encouraged; however, only scholars in good standing can be elected as officers in any school organization.

3.Scholars who affiliate with unrecognized organizations (other than the official list for SY 2011-2012) shall be meted the appropriate sanctions.

4.A recognized club are to submit the following to the Chief of the Students Services Division:

a.Constitution- philosophy, objectives, governance and membership requirements;

b.Calendar of activities for SY 2011-2012; and

c.A signed statement from the prospective club adviser (particularly of club assignment not included in his/ her load) that he/she is willing to assume supervision of the group.

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